6 steps
to improve



Save time and resources! The sooner you involve us in your plans, the better we will be able to advise you!

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Let’s join forces
First step is to join forces and make an inventory of everything we need to know to improve your shipbuilding efficiency. At this stage we need to know more about your yard’s layout and capacity, the (batch) delivery window, data format, section size, package sizing, desired assembly level and the need for pre-assembly or pre-panelling.

Your advantages

  • An experienced consultant at your service;
  • Tackle all possible problems in an early stage and save a lot of time at the yard;
  • No unpleasant surprise at the yard, like the unexpected need for a bigger crane or storage problems.


Converting data into usable files

Whatever sorftware you are using: we are able to convert your data into usable production files.

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Processing or product data
The next step is that you provide us with the necessary date to start with your order. Whatever software you are using – AutoCad, Nupas Cadmatic, Shipconstructor, Foran, Rhino Tribon of any other program – we are able to convert all data into usable production files. After receiving a 3D model of the ship, the section plan, tank plan or line plan, we will execute all necessary works.

Your advantages

  • Work with whatever software you prefer;
  • Minimize manual handling;
  • Save yourself the time of converting data;
  • Shorten lead time.


Steel cutting with great precision

We have 5 plasma cutting machines for steel and aluminium. Therefore, we offer high capacity and great precision.

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Next, our experienced factory professionals will handle your order. Our production facilities in Groningen and Stralsund have a total capacity of 100.000 tonnes of steel per year and provide high capacity plasma cutting for staal and aluminium. All plates are numbered, marked with construction lines and bevelled (including R2 radius edge preperation). All parts will be automatically nested for a more effecient use of material.

Your advantages:

  • High and relaible cutting capacity;
  • Flexibility;
  • Large volumes processed in short lead times;
  • Perfectly cut plates that fit like a glove;
  • Welding slots, piping and cable penetrations are pre-cut into the plates.


Perfectly formed plates

Perfectly formed plates that fit smoothly and minimize manual handling efforts.

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The highly qualified professionals of Centraalstaal are able to form the cut plates with great precision. Both 2D and 3D forming is a combination of craftsmanship and structural quality control. Therefore, we guarantee shell plating and frames that fit perfectly without the need for green (excess) on the parts. Profiles are pressed into the desired shape by using a CNC profile-bending machine.

Your advantages:

  • High capacity forming;
  • Formed plates fit perfectly on the inner structure;
  • After placing the plate in position the welding process can start immediately, without the need for extra preparations.


Delivery and logistics

Receive the different parts when you are ready to process them based on your customized delivery schedule.

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We understand how important it is to optimized yard space. Therefore, we seek to help you optimize your yard’s capacity and layout. This leads to effectively reducing the client’s costs per hour per ton. Based on the client-specific construction methods, yard facilities and block assembly programs, we create a personalized delivery schedule.

All plates and profiles are delivered in preorganized batches, reducing the need for sorting upon arrival.

Your advantages:

  • A customized delivery schedule: receiving different parts when you are ready to process them;
  • A track and trace system that tells you where your different batches are at any time;
  • No sorting upon arrival;
  • No unpleasant surprises at the yard, such as storage problems.
  • Ultra fast section building;
  • Shorten assembly lead time.


Assembly instructions

Your very own building manual with detailed drawings serves as a guide through every step of the assembly process.

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Assembly instructions help shipyards to fully use the advantages of the kit. These instructions include part numbers, logistical order and 3D view assembly drawings as building manuals. Working with Centraalstaal building kits helps shipyards to significanlty improve shipbuilding efficiency. If needed, we can also provide you with your very own Centraalstaal supervisor to help you through the assembly process.

Your advantages:

  • Detailed drawings serve as a guide through every step of the assembly process;
  • Orientation marks show the correct position of the elements, which reduces time significantly during preparation for assembly;
  • Save up to 25% in assembly hours.